“Here Be Dragons” Overcoming Fear and Overwhelm
Published on: April 21, 2021

Have you ever had the experience of increased overwhelm and a body response of fear, when you realized you were being called, dragged or encouraged to move to the outer edge of your comfort zone? Rarely does our body react in a calm manner to the opportunity for maturity, growth and development.

In his book “Everything Belongs” Father Richard Rohr says “Our first response to anyone calling us to truth, greatness, goodness, or morality at a higher level will be increased anxiety. We don’t say, “Isn’t this wonderful.” Instead, we recoil in terror and say “I don’t know if I want to go there.”

It is nice to know that there are other people out there like me.

Rohr goes on to say “At the edges of medieval maps was the warning: “Here Be Dragons.” We confront these dragons when we approach the edge of our comfort level.”

When I read Rohr’s wisdom, I felt encouraged and learned again, that I am not alone! Confronting our personal dragons is a common experience! My own fear reactions are common to all of us who are blessed to walk this earth.

I was also reminded of some of the tools available to help us maneuver through these “transitional and dark stages of life.”

EFT Tapping is one such tool that can be learned and available to all people to help reduce stress and overwhelm and build a more joyous, restful and satisfying life.

Tapping is such a gentle and caring way to help us grow on the outer edge of our comfort zones.

EFT Tapping is still considered an experimental complementary and alternative medicine. It does have many studies that show its benefits and the Multiple Physiological Markers of Health.

One study showed that by participating in Clinical EFT there was a
40% decrease in Anxiety
8% decreases in Blood Pressure
37% in Cortisol Levels
35% Decrease in Depression
31% Increase in Happiness
74% Decrease in Food Cravings
113% Increase in Immune System Markers
57% Decrease in Pain and a
32% Decrease in PTSD Symptoms

(Mind Heart Connect 2018, Bach D., Groesbeck G., Stapleton P., Banton S., Blickheuser K., & Church D: 2018 Journal of Evidence Based Integrative Medicine.)

Although the above mentioned positive information is not a guarantee from EFT Tapping, it shows the potential benefits.

I hope to tap with you someday and… here is to slaying some of your own dragons.

P.S. For a great song on slaying dragons, check out “Dragons” by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.

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