How Do You Eat an Elephant? and “What about Bob?”
Published on: May 11, 2021

What do these two statements have in common “How do you eat an elephant and what about Bob?” Well, doing small things again and again and again, helps us safely reach our goals.

Could you imagine if you sat down to eat a whole elephant in one bite?

 Impossible and overwhelming!  The old saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” (I am not actually advocating eating elephants. It is just a solid metaphor for growth and maturity in our lives). Eating an elephant and setting and achieving our goals are so similar. Whether our life changing goals are in the area of our career, family, relationships, physical or spiritual, setting and achieving small goals produces sustainable and lasting growth.

Now, what about Bob you may wonder. 

In 1991 there was a comedy film titled “What About Bob” starring  Richard Dreyfus who played a psychologist (Dr. Leo Marvin) and Bill Murray who played the patient (Bob Wiley). Dr. Martin wrote a book titled “Baby Steps.” The premise of the book was that to make growth, a person needed  to set small goals and take baby steps. Bob ends up driving Dr. Martin crazy,  but gets cured by doing baby steps. It is a classic comedy especially if you like Bill Murray.

The movie is made in jest,  but the concept of “Baby Steps” is just great Grandma Wisdom that stands the test of time.

A real life Psychologist, Peter Levine  who has worked with clients overcoming trauma since the 1960’s also speaks to the issue of setting small goals so that our bodies experience them and can integrate them. He states, “if you release the energy too quickly, it can be wildly expressed. The key here is opening one small energy level at a time, letting things come to equilibrium in the bodily sense, and again the next layer coming to equilibrium and the next and the next.” 

Levine calls it “titration, one small bit at a time so it is integrated into the bodily experience.” 

(Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing, Step by Step: Master the Body-oriented Approach to Trauma and Stress Disorders. 2020)

EFT Tapping is a gentle and researched  method for unlocking blocks in our bodies energy systems. By setting realistic and small goals,  then tapping through them, it creates a safe atmosphere where our body can assimilate the change  which can create long lasting positive effects in our lives.

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