Is it too late? Is it really too late for….?
Published on: April 29, 2021

This Spring I was sitting out on my back patio in the early morning drinking my coffee and doing my morning reading and spiritual practice. . As I was sitting there, the morning awoke and I noticed so many birds and blossoms doing their spring dance.

Two birds in particular fluttered and intertwined as they did their spring ritual. The sun filtered down into my yard and warmed me and the earth. I was caught in a feeling of blessing and renewal. This feeling rarely appears but when it does, I am nearly overwhelmed.

It made me think of Spring, of Easter, of growth, of the cycle of going down and coming up. Liminal spaces, those periods in between work and growth. Those times when we are caught in darkness and not sure if our lives will get better, will we make it through this period of confusion and pain… and then it happens. The sun warms us and we feel the peace and growth to continue on. During these times, our awareness allows us to experience the mystery and wonder of this life we have been given.

These periods of growth and awareness begs the question during our times of struggle…

  • Is it too late… Is it too late to heal, Is it too late to create more fitness in my life,
  • Is it too late to lessen the grip of resentment and fear in my life?
  • Is it too late to rebuild the relationships I have let cool or have damaged through my actions and behaviors and so many other questions.

I suppose these questions can have different meanings and implications depending upon which period and phase of life we are in, but I do believe that it is never too late for healing relationships, growth and maturity and increased joy and contentment.

EFT Tapping continues to be one tool and gift given to us to slowly make the changes we seek. Stepping into EFT Tapping can clear out heavy emotions associated with past, present or future events in our lives, opening up space for growth and change.

Over the past decade there have been many research studies showing the safety and effectiveness of EFT Tapping and the ways it can improve our physical, relational and emotional well being.

I look forward to supporting you with EFT Tapping on this next phase of your journey in life!


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