Hello!  I’m Kevin Wright

Thank you for looking into my website and EFT Tapping with me.

Life can be so dreary at times and present many challenges.

I have found that it can be helpful to have another person travel along with us to build deeper connections with ourselves, our families and our world!

EFT Tapping is a tool that has helped so many people travel that path!

It is gentle and effective in reducing stress, dealing with and decreasing heavy emotions and accomplishing goals in our lives.

I first became aware of tapping about six years ago when a colleague suggested I look into tapping as a way to help others reduce stress in their lives. As I looked into it, I began tapping myself and found great help in reducing my own stress and overwhelm.

My wife Kelli and I have three adult children, and our youngest son was a senior in high school at the time. Kelli and I were becoming empty nesters. For me, that triggered so many thoughts and feelings about my children’s future, what type of father and husband I had been and wanted to be, and so many thoughts and feelings about my own father and upbringing.

Tapping was and is an ingredient in the recipe of my life that helps me deal, cope and live a more joyous and thriving life.

I wanted to share EFT Tapping with others so began the certification journey and became certified as an Advanced EFT Practitioner with EFT International in September of 2020.

My schooling and work history:

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry and Christian Education in 1986.

I earned my masters degree in Clinical Child and Youth Work in 1994.

I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Oregon and was credentialed in April of 2003.

I have worked with children, youth, adults and families in various settings such as youth groups, adventure therapy, day and residential treatment facilities, outpatient clinics, church camps, Juvenile Justice Settings, private practice and schools.

I currently work full time as a Middle School Counselor and prior as an elementary school counselor.

I also am involved with and support our military members and their families.  I am credentialed as a Military Family Life Counselor with two agencies.

I support both veterans and active duty service members.  I know that when a military member serves our country, their family serves too.

My father served in the United States Navy and in Vietnam on River Patrol Boats and my brother served in the Army.

Kevin’s email address: kevin@efttappingwithkevin.com

“Kevin’s gentle guidance through the tapping process is exhilarating.  I was able to achieve remarkable results to gain more of what I want from my life.  Best of all, tapping helped me to unleash my personal power to access any time of the day whenever the need arises.   With this new dynamic knowledge, I can rid myself of stress to focus on gratitude and my dreams.  Without a doubt, the relationships most valuable in my life have grown stronger after working with Kevin.”

Shelley, Middle School Teacher

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